Q. Sikh Rehat Maryada sanctified by Guru Panth recommends reading of “Benti chaupai only up to end of hymn’ Dust dokh tay loh Bachai” (401).” Why they left 402, 403, Aril, 404 and 405 hymns as present in Published Dasam Granth and various other hand written manuscripts?

SRM sanctioned the reading of the last Charitra known as Benti Chaupai from Charitropakhyan composition of Sri Dasam Granth. Whilst some verses were omitted this was not only confined to Sri Dasam Granth. In the SRM, the recitation of only partial verses of Anand Sahib is also prescribed.

While undertaking the intermittent reading of the whole Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred pudding (Karhah Prashad) for offering should be brought and after reciting the Anand Sahib (six stanzas) and offering Ardas, Hukam should be taken.

While beginning the unbroken reading, the sacred pudding should first be laid. Thereafter, after reciting the Anand Sahib (six stanzas), offering the Ardas and taking the Hukam, the reading should be commenced. (SRM, CHAPTER VII Article x)

The SRM was intended as a minimum requirement for reciting Banees from the Sikh scriptures, hence various Samprayadas continued with the full recital of the Chaupai Sahib. It should also be noted that the SRM affects only Gurudwaras; the maryada of the Takhts is quite separate.

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