” A Brief History of Sri Dasam Granth ” – Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha

In the year Samvat 1778 (1721 A.D.) i.e. thirteen years after Guru Gobind Singh ji’s demise Mata Sundri ji appointed Bhai Mani Singh ji as Granthi of Darbar Sahib, Sri Amritsar.  Bhai Mani Singh ji discharged his duty very efficiently and during his tenure compiled different books including volumes of Sri Guru Granth Sahiband a volume containing writings of Guru Gobind Singh ji.  He took a lot pain to collect writing from poets and devout Sikhs and prepared A Granth of the Tenth Master, known as Dasvin Patshahi ka Granth.
Bhai Mani Singh ji attained martyrdom in Samvat 1795 (1738 A.D.) i.e. thirty years after the Guru Gobind Singh ji left this world.  Thereafter the Sikhs chose to send the volume of Dasam Granth to Damdama Sahibfor perusal which was the seat of learning at that time and was known as Guru ki Kanshi.
Volume of this Dasam Granth was discussed in detail in the Khalsa Divan. There three views emerged. First: the entire volume be kept as such and be not split into different parts. Second: we should have oneGranth only which has been conferred guru ship by Guru Gobind Singh ji himself and this Granth be split into different books so that the learned, scholars, Gianis  and students are able to study it according to their competency. Third: many said that it should be split into two parts, one containing   sri mukhvak baneewhich enunciates the principles of the of Khalsa and the second volume should contain the history etc. Fourth: many said that the volumeprepared by Bhai Mani Singh ji should remain intact but certain deficiencies be removed, like searching missing portions etc .Fifth: many were of the view that the rest of the Granth be kept as such but the Chritras and eleven Hikayats, which could not be recited in the open divan and is more difficult for ladies, should be kept in another volume. Many more suggestions came but the gathering could not reach to any conclusion. Then Bhai Mehtab Singh Mirankotia came to the venue and said “I am going to punish Massa Ranghar for desecration of Sri Harimandir Sahib. If I come back alive after killing Massa Ranghar then this Granth should be preserved as such, and if I attain martyrdom then this should be split into different books”. Bhai Mahtab Singh returned safe after accomplishing the feat and the ‘ beer’ of Dasam Granth remained intact.

Gurmat Martand, Vol. 2. Page 568

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